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The following table provides a brief summary of the 38 completed projects as of May 31, 2007.
The projects are in alphabetical order by project name.
Totals for funding and acreage acquired are at the bottom of the table.

You can download a more complete summary which includes the project description (20 page, 53 kb, PDF file).

Project Name Grantee Proj. ID
RMC Funding
(Propositions 40 & 50)
Matching Funds
(In kind or cash)
Acreage Acquired
Aquarium of the Pacific Education Center Expansion Aquarium of the Pacific RMC3257 Development $390,000 $0  
Aquarium of the Pacific Educational Programs Aquarium of the Pacific RMC3256 Interpretation $12,000 $0  
Azusa Open Space and Access Plan San Gabriel Mountains Regional Conservancy RMC3286 Planning $86,400 $0  
Brownfield Study-San Gabriel Valley San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments RMC3251 Planning $250,000 $0  
Cha'wot Nature Preserve (Appraisal) City of Signal Hill RMC3305 Planning $20,000 $0  
Cha'wot Nature Preserve (Geotechnical Studies) see RMC 3305 & 3306 City of Signal Hill RMC3211 Planning $20,000 $0  
Children's Native Plant Garden Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden RMC3217 Planning $55,000 $0  
Claremont Hills Wilderness Park City of Claremont RMC3202 Acquisition $1,073,000 $0 240
Development of Procedures for Project Funding Criteria Watershed Conservation Authority RMC3565 Planning $90,000 $0  
Economic Value for Watershed Management Techniques Study County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works RMC3212 Planning $50,000 $151,300  
Edens Lost and Found: Emerald Necklace Media and Policy Center Foundation of California RMC3587 Interpretation $74,500 $1,770,000  
Educational Program on Urban Forestry and Creation of Sustainable Ecosystems Media and Policy Center Foundation of California RMC3249 Interpretation $100,000 $0  
El Dorado Regional Park Wetlands Feasibility Study City of Long Beach RMC3208 Planning $100,000 $88,000  
Ferguson and Wildwood Pre-Acquisition Expenses City of Glendora RMC3566 Acquisition $50,000 $0  
Graham Elementary School Watershed Education Trail Phase I North East Trees RMC3339 Planning $5,000 $0  
Historical Ecology of the RMC Territory Southern California Coastal Water Research Project RMC3556 Planning $148,000 $0  
Integrated Regional Water Management Plan Watershed Conservation Authority RMC3562 Planning $100,000 $250,000  
Long Canyon, Santa Clara River Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority RMC3559 Acquisition $100,000 $343,485 330.46
Lynwood Nature Park (South Gate Riparian) City of Lynwood RMC3266 Development $5,000 $0  
Oak Canyon Nature Center City of Anaheim RMC3425 Development $6,050 $29,000  
Olinda Historic Trail City of Brea RMC3207 Development $98,050 $0  
Olinda Historic Trail Phase II City of Brea RMC3426 Development $45,000 $0  
Orange County Open Space and Multi-purpose Opportunities Orange County Division, League of Cities RMC3253 Planning $125,000 $0  
Pacific Communities Project City of Duarte RMC3429 Acquisition $3,500,000 $4,030,000 329
Park Bond Project Management Services Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority RMC3200 Planning $360,487 $0  
Pio Pico State Historic Park Friends of Pio Pico RMC3235 Interpretation $5,000 $0  
Ralph C. Dills Project City of Paramount RMC3561 Development $72,435 $0  
Rancho Los Cerritos Landscape Restoration Rancho Los Cerritos Foundation RMC3216 Planning $55,230 $0  
Rio Hondo Watershed Plan San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments RMC3271 Planning $37,455 $0  
Riparian and Wetland Mapping Southern California Coastal Water research Project RMC3557 Planning $104,000 $0  
San Gabriel River Environmental Graphic Design Services Program County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works RMC3236 Development $17,500 $0  
San Gabriel River Trail Enhancement City of Seal Beach RMC3239 Planning $160,000 $0  
San Gabriel River Watershed Habitat Restoration Assessment Project San Gabriel Mountains Regional Conservancy RMC3247 Planning $86,895 $0  
Seal Beach Open Space Opportunities City of Seal Beach RMC3244 Planning $100,000 $10,000  
Sycamore Canyon Park Trail Development Project-Diamond Bar City of Diamond Bar RMC3220 Development $124,081 $76,000  
THINK RIVER! San Gabriel Mountains Regional Conservancy RMC3218 Interpretation $46,440 $0  
Watershed Education in Multi-lingual Communities Regents of the University of California RMC3219 Interpretation $32,094 $0  
Whittier Greenway Extension City of Whittier RMC3245 Planning $150,000 $0  
      Total $7,854,617 $6,747,785 899.46

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