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    The Rivers and Mountains Conservancy (RMC) has partnered with other institutions to develop the following water and watershed management plans.

Watershed and Open Space Plan for the San Gabriel and Los Angeles Rivers
     The authorizing statute which created the RMC required creation of a San Gabriel and Lower Los Angeles Parkway and Open Space Plan. With assistance from the California Resources Agency, the RMC, in conjunction with the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, jointly developed a Watershed and Open Space Plan for the San Gabriel and Los Angeles Rivers entitled Common Ground, from the Mountains to the Sea. This plan consists of the original report, dated October 2001, and three addenda, dated June or August 2002, which can be found at Common Ground.

Integrated Regional Water Management Plan for the Greater Los Angeles Region
     Greater Los Angeles County regions are collaborating to develop an Integrated Regional Water Management Plan (IRWMP) that is inclusive and provides opportunities for cost effective solutions to address the water resource needs of the Region.The overall Program Manager for the IRWMP planning effort is the Los Angeles County Flood Control District. The Greater Los Angeles County Region spans from Ventura County to Orange County, including portions of both, and from the coastline to the San Gabriel Mountains - an area representing approximately nine million people and over 2,200 square miles. The region consists of the following sub-regions.

  1. North Santa Monica Bay
  2. South Bay
  3. Upper San Gabriel River and Rio Hondo River
  4. Upper Los Angeles River
  5. Lower San Gabriel and Lower Los Angeles Rivers

The IRWMP is a work in progress.

Integrated Regional Water Management Plan for the Upper Santa Clara Valley
     The Exectuve Summary states, in part, "This Integrated Regional Water Management Plan (IRWMP) .... identifies and plans for the water resource-related needs of the Upper Santa Clara River Watershed. ...  The purpose of this IRWMP is to integrate planning and implementation efforts and facilitate regional cooperation, with the goals of reducing water demands, improving operational efficiency, increasing water supply, improving water quality, and promoting resource stewardship over the long term. ... This IRWMP effort was funded entirely by local participating agencies. This IRWMP will be periodically updated to reflect future regional water–related resource needs."
     The plan, dated June 2008, consists of

Coyote Creek Watershed Management Plan
     The Coyote Creek Watershed Management Plan provides a blueprint for improving the health of the watershed through multi-objective projects, policies and site design guidelines. The Plan is a user guide on how to improve the management of the watershed, rather than focusing on the ecological problems that have resulted from piecemeal management of land and water resources.      The plan, dated April 2008, consists of

Rio Hondo Watershed Management Plan
     The Executive Summary states, "The purpose of the Rio Hondo Watershed Management Plan is to provide an organizing framework for municipalities, conservation organizations, and individuals to work together to improve the water quality, health, habitat, and recreation potential of the Rio Hondo Watershed. This Watershed Management Plan identifies goals and strategies necessary to manage the overall watershed as a healthy, life giving natural system. This plan also outlines steps to facilitate the establishment of a watershed consortium, which would be responsible for communication of information, identification of priorities, funding development, creation of new projects, and long-term implementation of watershed improvements."
     The plan, completed in October 2004, consists of

Upper San Gabriel River Watershed Management Plan
The Draft Technical Report for for the Watershed Management Plan for the San Gabriel River above Whittier Narrows, was prepared for the San Gabriel Mountains Regional Conservancy with a grant provided by the Regional Water Quality Control Board, Los Angeles Region. An interim version was prepared in 2006. A final version is expected to be completed in the fall of 2008.
     The interim version of the Draft Technical Report is a collection of many files consisting of chapters, appendices and figures. It's available as a CD upon request. Contact the RMC at (626) 815-1019 and request the CD from Project 3606 entitled "CDM 4-06 Version."

Thomson Creek Spreading Grounds Feasibility Study
    The Thompson Creek Spreading Grounds is approximately 120 acres in north Claremont adjacent to Claremont Hills Wilderness Park. A Water Task Force created by The League of Women Voters of Claremont Area developed a detailed Conceptual Plan to increase storm water retention and make other environmental improvements at the Spreading Grounds. The RMC funded a Phase 1 Feasibility Study. A Report on the Conclusion of the Feasibility Study is now available. [Download the Report] 12 page, 2 mb PDF file

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