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The Rivers and Mountains Conservancy (RMC) has developed or is developing the following plans in collaboration with various partners:

  1. Common Ground, from the Mountains to the Sea, subtitled Watershed and Open Space Plan for the San Gabriel and Los Angeles Rivers, was created as a requirement of the statute which created the RMC.
  2. The Green Visions Plan for 21st Century Southern California, consists of a visionary plan and practical planning tools to promote habitat conservation, watershed health and recreational open space.
  3. The National Park Service is conducting a "special resource study" of the San Gabriel River watershed and mountains."
  4. Plans have been developed for two parks to be created by the Watershed Conservation Authority (A Joint Powers Authority comprised of the RMC and the Los Angeles County Flood Control District). One is known as the Duck Farm. The other is Azusa River Wilderness Park..
  5. The Coyote Creek Regional Bikeway Project considers the feasibility of a 15-mile section of Coyote Creek  between the City of Brea to the north and its downstream confluence with the San Gabriel River in the City of Long Beach
  6. Water & Watershed Management Plans This web page includes the following plans:
    1. Common Ground, from the Mountains to the Sea is included here as well as in 1, above, because it includes a watershed plan.
    2. Integrated Regional Water Management Plan for the Greater Los Angeles Region
    3. Integrated Regional Water Management Plan for the Upper Santa Clara Valley
    4. Coyote Creek Watershed Management Plan
    5. Rio Hondo Watershed Management Plan
    6. Watershed Management Plan for the San Gabriel River above Whittier Narrows
    7. Thomson Creek Spreading Grounds Feasibility Study for north Claremont

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