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    The authorizing statute which created the RMC required creation of a San Gabriel and Lower Los Angeles Parkway and Open Space Plan. The plan consists of the following basic document and addenda:

The Basic Document
     With assistance from the California Resources Agency, the Rivers and Mountains Conservancy (RMC), in conjunction with the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy (SMMC), jointly developed the plan entitled entitled Common Ground, from the Mountains to the Sea and subtitled Watershed and Open Space Plan for the San Gabriel and Los Angeles Rivers . The RMC and SMMC adopted the plan at a joint meeting on October 17, 2001.
   Download the Common Ground basic document (133 page, 4.1 mb PDF file).

Phase II
     Phase II Final Report, dated June 2002, was written to address several specific planning issues raised in Common Ground. These include: clarifying and expanding the scope of the subsequent plans proposed in Common Ground, expanding outreach, tracking approval of Common Ground by governmental organizations, augmenting or clarifying information in Common Ground and extending the Plan to those portions of the RMC territory outside of the watersheds of the San Gabriel and Los Angeles Rivers, and providing the RMC with project evaluation software and enhancing the RMC’s Geographic Information Systems (GIS) database.
    Download the Open Space Plan, Phase II Final Report (113 page, 984 kb PDF file)

North Facing Slope Addendum
     The North Facing Slope Addendum, dated August 2002, extends Common Ground beyond the watersheds of the San Gabriel and Los Angeles Rivers to the northern slope of the San Gabriel Mountains, including the upper Santa Clara River.
     Download the North Facing Slope Addendum (26 page, 722 kb PDF file)

Water Issues Addendum
     The Water Issues Addendum to Common Ground, dated August 2002, provides additional information and clarifies certain issues related to water quality, supply and rights, and the conditions under which the RMC can undertake projects.
     Download the Water Issues Addendum (13 page, 112 KB PDF file)

RMC Information Catalog
     The RMC Information Catalog was created to document information used to prepare Common Ground. The catalog is part of the California Environmental Information Catalog (CEIC). The CEIC is an online repository of information about environmental data resources in California. The catalog may be viewed as a "Yellow Pages" of environmental information. Data are not stored in the catalog. Only data resource descriptions, including information on how to find out more about the data or obtain it, is stored.

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