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Capital funds for our grant program come from a series of propositions approved by the voters: Propositions 12, 13, 40, 50, and 84. These propositions have been incorporated into the California Law Codes. Click to read those portions of the codes. For other sources of grant funds, the State of California has created the following web page with links to state grant information – from agriculture to transportation – as well as federal, nonprofit, and other links: General Grant Information.

Grant recipients may find the following documents and links to be useful resources. They should be referred to in order to ensure consistency with RMC policies.

  1. Los Angeles River Master Plan Landscaping Guidelines and Plant Palette (180 page, 3.7 mb PDF file).
    This document also provides guidelines for fences and gates, lighting, benches, seat walls, trash receptacles, bike racks, trails and paths and signage.
  2. Plant Lists for the San Gabriel River Watershed (217 kb Excel file):
    This Excel Workbook contains an Executive Summary and 11 plant lists, each on a separate worksheet. Each worksheet can be accessed by clicking on the tabs near the bottom of the computer screen.
  3. Native Plant Gardens, A Survival Guide (6 page, 40 kb PDF file)
    This short but informative document from the California Native Plant Society provides basic information for native plant selection and survival as well as sources of native plant material & useful references for Southern California.
  4. The Cal EPPC List: Exotic Pest Plants of Greatest Ecological Concern in California (12 page, 288 KB PDF file)
  5. Planning Trails with Wildlife in Mind, A Handbook for Trail Planners (56 page, 625 KB PDF file)
  6. Stormwater Best Management Practice (BMP) Handbooks
    The following four handbooks can be purchased from the California Stormwater Quality Association:
    • New Development and Redevelopment Handbook
    • Construction Handbook
    • Industrial and Commercial Handbook
    • Municipal Handbook

  7. Historical Ecology and Landscape Change of the San Gabriel River and Flood Plain (125 page, 16.9 MB PDF file)
    Be patient; this is a large file which will take some time to download.
  8. Signage guidelines for grant-funded projects are specified in Exhibit H (2-page Microsoft Word document) of the grant agreement.
    The guidelines specify the use of minimum language as shown in the signage template (1 page Microsoft Word document). The name of the local agency or other governing body may also be added. The sign may also include the names (and/or logos) of other partners, organizations, individuals and elected representatives as deemed appropriate by those involved in the project.
  9. Sources of Recycled Content Products have been compiled by the California Integrated Waste Management Board. When you get to this web page, you can go to the left column to do a Product Search, or go to the right column for product categories, one of which is Parks, Recreation & Sports.
  10. Integrated Regional Watershed Management Plan (IRWMP)
    Grant applicants who are considering incorporation of a water conservation or reuse element in a project should familiarize themselves with this plan.

Additional resources are being developed by the University of Southern California’s Center for Sustainable Cities and GIS Research Laboratory in partnership with Southern California's state land conservancies. The partnership was forged to create a visionary plan and practical planning tools to promote habitat conservation, watershed health and recreational open space for this region. To date, the products include the following:

  1. Green Visions Plan for the 21st Century. At this website, you can download the following documents:
    • "Historical Ecology and Landscape Change of the San Gabriel River and Floodplain" (Also available as item 6 above).
    • "Park and Open Space Resources in the Green Visions Plan Area" (159 page PDF file) It's identified as "Room to Move, Room to Improve" at the Green Visons website.
    • "Terrestrial Target Species for Habitat Conservation Planning" (75 page PDF file) These 40 species represent a range of tolerance to urbanization and form the basis for a multiple-species approach to identifying important lands for conservation.
    • "Target Species Habitat Mapping" (245 page PDF file) These are predictive habitat maps for 40 terrestrial species and 6 additional aquatic species.
  2. Green Visions Web Tools. A central part of the Green Visions Plan is the provision of a set of online planning tools that allow users to access geographic information about habitat, watershed, and recreational assets and opportunities. (First-time users will be asked to create a user name and password.)

Contact your project manager or phone the RMC at (626) 815-1019 if you require assistance or have any questions.

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