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Capital funds for our grant program have come from a series of propositions approved by the voters



RMC Proposition 68 Final Guidelines

Please find RMC's Final Proposition 68 Grant Program Guidelines posted. RMC has a Spring 2019 call for projects:

April 15th - June 17th.

Email questions to: Prop68@rmc.ca.gov

Conservation Corps Prop 68 Consultation Process and Form



Lower LA River Grant Program

RMC Prop. 1 LLAR Guidelines

updated 2/1/2019

   The RMC posted new Lower LA River Prop 1 Grant Program Guidelines (45-page, 1.7-mb PDF file) on September 17, 2018. These guidelines will be used to allocate state bond funds to projects within the lower LA River corridor over the next few years


   Funding was allocated to RMC through Proposition 1, The Water Quality, Supply and Infrastructure Improvement Act of 2014, and the RMC guidelines were approved in November 2014.   Click here to see the related documentation.

   Older funding was provided by Propositions 12 (2000), 13 (2000), 40 (2002), 50 (2002), and 84 (2006). These propositions have been incorporated into the California Law Codes. Click to read those portions of the codes.
   The RMC adopted new Grant Program Guidelines on September 24, 2007. More information on this part of our grant program can be found in Guidelines..
   Grantees are advised to utilize several documents in order to ensure that their projects are consistent with RMC policies. These documents can be found in Resources..
   The Grant Agreement (contract) between each grantee and the RMC requires submittal by the grantee of a number of forms to the RMC. The following two sets of forms, together with instructions, can be downloaded for use by the grantees.

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