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   The RMC posted new Lower LA River Prop 1 Grant Program Guidelines (45-page, 1.7-mb PDF file) on September 17, 2018. These guidelines will be used to allocate state bond funds to projects within the lower LA River corridor over the next few years. To complete applications, Word version of the Grant Application and Conservation Corps Review Document are provided, as well as example templates of Budgets and Timeline Tasklist (excel).

The RMC adopted Prop 40, 50, and 84 Grant Program Guidelines (55-page, 279-kb PDF file) on September 24, 2007. These guidelines will be used to allocate state bond funds to projects within our territory over the next few years.  Section 2 of the Guidelines describes the two-step grant application process and its Tier 1 and Tier 2 classifications. Information on Future Rounds of Grants, the Grant Program Calendar, Additional Documents and Contacts (Program Managers) can be found below.

Step 1 (Applications)
      All project applicants were asked to submit a completed Step I Grant Application and provide all requested supporting information.
RMC staff made a preliminary review and placed grant applications into Tier 1 (Projects which are ready for immediate implementation and meet specified criteria) or Tier 2 (Projects which are not ready for immediate implementation and/or do not meet specified criteria). This preliminary classification was subsequently revised in Step 2.
      Section 1.4 of the Guidelines states, "To facilitate the comparison and aggregation of similar projects and assure that funds are available for a wide range of projects, these grant funds will be applied to three program areas that can be described in geographic terms. ... Project Applicants will be asked to identify which program area their project falls into."  The maps listed below show the locations of grant applications as well as previously funded projects within the geographic program areas. Each map is 11 in. x 17 in. Note: Disregard the preliminary classification of applications into Tier 1 and Tier 2. The maps will be revised to reflect the final classification.).

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Step 2,
Tier 1 (Projects which are ready for immediate implementation and meet specified criteria)

      Staff evaluation of Tier 1 projects were completed, and recommendations were submitted to and approved by the RMC Board on September 22, 2008.

     Section 2.2 of the Guidelines states that ".. .project applicants ... will be evaluated using the Green Visions tools and Project Evaluation Criteria to score individual project applications." Green Visions Tools are online GIS (Geographic Informations Systems) planning tools created in partnership with the University of Southern California to promote habitat conservation, watershed health and recreational open space. Project Evaluation Criteria are in Appendix B of the Guidelines.

     The Tier 1 project recommendations are shown in the following three files. They are 2 to 4 page PDF files..

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Step 2,
Tier 2 (Projects which are not ready for immediate implementation and/or do not meet specified criteria)

     Tier 2 project recommendations are available in two files, each sorted in a different manner. Both are 20-page, 256 kb PDF files.

 The funding recommendations for Tier 2 applications will be presented to the RMC Board at its meeting on October 29, 2008.

      The grant program calendar shown below indicates that Tier 2 project applicants may elect to defer in this cycle and submit their grant applications for the next round of funding in spring 2009.
      Section 2.2 of the Grant Program Guidelines states: "To facilitate funding parity for all three geographic program areas..., as part of the Step 2 process, RMC staff will use the Green Visions GIS planning tools to identify areas of special concern or “Target Areas,” which have identified project needs but few project applicants, based upon a review of the Tier 1 and Tier 2 projects To the extent that the analysis indicates a scarcity of projects within the target areas, RMC staff will recommend that the RMC Board allocate staff resources to provide assistance to potential project applicants to increase the number of projects that may be submitted in subsequent funding rounds."

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Future Rounds of Grants
     It is anticipated that there will be subsequent rounds of grants, subject to availability of funding. These subsequent grant rounds will provide opportunities for applicants to submit either new application(s) or to resubmit the same project application(s) with new information. The grant program calendar show below indicates that this will occur in 2009.

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      The following documents may be downloaded if needed.

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