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    Recent funding has been provided by Proposition 1, The Water Quality, Supply and Infrastructure Improvement Act of 2014, approved in November 2014.
    The following documents regarding the grant program are now available:

  1. The State's Guidelines for Proposition 1
    This page contains a set of seven documents under the title "Draft Guidellines" and ten documents under the title "Final Guidelines." One of the seven draft documents is listed as "RMC Conservancy Ecosystem Watershed Protection and Restoration." It is the same as document #2 below.

  2. The RMC's Final Proposition 1 Grant Program Guidelines [43 page, 2.3 mb pdf file]
    The Guidelines establish the process and criteria that the RMC will utilize to solicit applications, evaluate proposals and award grants, pursuant to Proposition 1 and RMC guiding principles.

  3. Presentation at Public Workshops [21 page 3.1 mb pdf file]
    Four public workshops in four different communities were held from July 23 to July 30 to review the guidelines and gather public feedback.

  4. Sample Budget [5 page, 78 kb PDF file]
    This is a worksheet for use by the applicant

  5. Sample Tasklist Timeline [5 page PDF file]]
    This is a worksheet showing the schedule for project tasks for an example at Vincent Lugo Park..

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