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The composition of the board of the RMC is specified by California Public Resources Code, Section 32605. The following list contains pertinent portions of the appointment criteria from Section 32605, the board members, and their designees. Board members who are unable to attend a meeting can designate substitutes (designees) who may attend and vote in their place.

32605. The board shall consist of 13 voting members and seven nonvoting members, as follows:

a) The 13 voting members of the board shall consist of all of the following:

  1. One member of the Board of Supervisors of the County of Los Angeles
    • Hilda Solis
      • Designee: M. Janet Chin

  2. Two members of the board of directors of the San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments
    • Margaret Clark
    • Denis Bertone

  3. Two members of the board of directors of the Gateway Cities Council of Governments
    • Vacant
    • Edward Wilson

  4. Two members of the Orange County Division of the League of California Cities
    • Troy Edgar
    • Vacant

  5. One member shall be a representative of the San Gabriel Valley Water Association
    • Claudine Meeker

  6. One member shall be a representative of the Central Basin Water Association
    • Daniel Arrighi, Elected Vice-Chair

  7. One member shall be a resident of Los Angeles County appointed by the governor from a list of potential members submitted by local, state, and national environmental organizations....
    • Frank Colonna, Elected Chair

  8. The Secretary of the Resources Agency
    • John Laird
      • Designee: Bryan Cash

  9. The Secretary for Environmental Protection
    • Matthew Rodriguez
      • Designee: Jonathan Bishop

  10. The Director of Finance
    • Ana Matosantos
      • Designee: Eraina Ortega
      • Designee: Karen Finn
(b) The seven ex officio, nonvoting members shall consist of the following officers or an employee of each agency designated annually by that officer to represent the office or agency:
  1. The District Engineer of the United States Army Corps of Engineers.
    • Colonel Kimberly M. Colloton, District Engineer, Los Angeles Region
      • Designee: Daniel Sulzer, Assistant Chief
      • Designee: Alexander Watt

  2. The Regional Forester for the Pacific Southwest Region of the United States Forest Service
    • Randy Moore, Regional Forester for the Pacific Southwest Region
      • Designee: Tom Contreras, Forest Supervisor

  3. The Director of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works
    • Gail Farber, Director
      • Designee: Terri Grant
      • Designee: Armond Ghazarian

  4. The Director of the Orange County Public Works Department
    • Shane Silsby, Director
      • Designee: May Ann Skorpanich
      • Designee: Marilyn Thoms
      • Designee: Rick LeFeuvre

  5. A member of the San Gabriel River Watermaster
    • Stephen Johnson
      • Designee: Stan Chen

  6. The Director of Parks and Recreation
    • Acting Director: Lisa Mangat
      • Designee Sean Woods

  7. The Executive Director of the Wildlife Conservation Board
    • John Donnelly
      • Designee: Dave Means

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